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WTF is a Choonimal?

A Choonimal has fangs, crooked eyes, and sometimes a spiked, squiggly tail. Each creature may look rabid and ravenous but is still somehow cute enough to share a pillow with.

How do I join the Choonimal Kingdom?

Buy a shirt, follow us on social media, or just have a love for our Choonimal friends.

When did all this start?

Matt, Chris and Chad grew up together in Columbus, Ohio. They and other friends started drawing these misfit beasts in class to make each other laugh and annoy their teachers -- as one does in high school. They even have a friend, Drew, who made so many in a day, he had teacher say “I don’t like you very much”.

What's with all the Sharpie marker tattoos you guys give out at your events?

Eventually our notebook sketches lept from the page and onto our arms. At college parties, we’d often grab markers and draw Choonimals on our friends. But the Sharpie tattoos really took off at a huge outdoor festival in Athens, Ohio. Total strangers lined up waiting for Chris to crown them with a Choonimal. The tattoos we do today at festivals pay homage to those early years, as do all of our actual Choonimal tattoos (the kind that don’t wash off.)

Who draws all the Choonimals?

We all take our turns drawing Sharpie tattoos, but Chris designs all the Choonimals for our merchandise. Each design is an original piece of artwork, straight from his sketchbook to your shirt (or skin).

What type of material do you print on?

We print on premium, quality blends. We are very conscious of where our clothes come from and strive to work with brands that encourage fair work environments. And yeah, it helps that all the clothing we use is soft as clouds.

When will my Choonimals get here?

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